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Soap Dispensing Palm Scrub Brush

  • 💛BUILD-IN DRIP TRAY: This Soap Dispensing Palm Scrub Brush with Drip Tray is designed specifically for keeping your hands and counter clean while you scrub. The soft bristles are gentle enough for your skin, but tough enough to get the grime off your dishes. The brush has a comfortable grip, so you can scrub your dishes quickly and easily.
  • 🧡SOAP DISPENSER: The brush has a soap dispensing head which pumps soap onto the bristles as you scrub. This is great for getting the soap into all the nooks and crannies of your hands. The brush also comes with a drip tray to catch any excess soap and water which helps to keep your hands clean and free from mess.
  • 💚PLAM-SIZED AND LIGHTWEIGHT: The MCTM SoapDispensing Palm Scrub Brush is designed specifically for anyone looking for aneasy and convenient way to scrub their hands. This brush is palm-sized and lightweight, making it easy to use.
  • 💙SOFT BRISTLES: This palm scrub brush is designed specifically for scrubbing pots and pans. The soft bristles are gentle on your hands and the soap dispensing feature makes it easy to wash your dishes.
  • 💜EASY TO CLEAN: This soap dispensing palm scrub brush is designed specifically for easy cleaning. The drip tray catches any runoff, so you can keep your counter clean.

***Soap dispensing palm brush***

Are you still annoyed that you need to pour the detergent again and again every time you wash the dishes?

Do you want to reduce the damage to your hands when washing dishes with detergent?

Do you want to avoid direct hand contact with those grease stains?

Do you want to have a dry and clean countertop and sink?

Then try our palm brush!

Package Contents: one palm brush and one storage stand


Size: 3.5 "L x 3.5 "W x 5.3 "H

How to use the soap dispensing palm brush

Pour in the soap

Soap on demand and wash

Use good placement

Pour in the soap

Large capacity, transparent casing to clearly see the remaining detergent

Soap on demand and wash

Simply press the button at the top to dispense soap on demand.

Use good placement

Soap dispenser with built-in drip tray can keep your countertop clean and tidy