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Glass Dome Rose Flower

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The never fade Galaxy Enchanted Rose glass dome inspired by beauty and the beast represents Faith in Love Forever. It is a special way of telling her or him "Love you more as time goes by"

Mothers Day Gift Ideas: Galaxy Rose Gift, never fading glass roses, a symbol of eternal love and beauty. Colorful roses are more like a rainbow, full of infinite hope. In the upcoming Mother's Day, quickly create more surprises with this love-filled item.

🌹 Galaxy Flower Rose Gift: Crystal roses are protected by a tough glass dome. This guardianship is like a long-lasting companion of love, use this token as a gift for your favorite person and let it continue to keep watch for you. Surrounded by a string of LED lights, the entire glass dome shines with warm white light, yet it can be perfectly used as a decoration for bedrooms, living rooms, bookshelves, and tables to add sparkle to your life.

Beauty And The Beast Galaxy Rose Set

Galaxy Rose consists of colorful glass roses, LED light strings, a wooden base and tough glass dome.

Design Inspiration

The design is inspired by the movie "Beauty and the Beast".


Unlike a real rose, Beferr infinity rose will never withers, never fades, representing the eternal love.

Color Colorful
Material Silk, Glass
Brand Giardinox
Special Feature Gift
Shade Material Glass


• Hand Made with Love
• Filled with 20 LED fairy lights
• Encased by a glass dome
• Creates a warm, ambient light
• Features a charming carved wooden base
• Makes birthdays and anniversaries special

Q:  What are the roses made of?

A:  The process in which our roses are crafted is very unique! First, we take the roses that are grown from our various farms and use a special technique that freezes them. We then use the frozen moldings as a model to replicate thousands of Enchanted Rose that live forever.
They are then coated in 24K Gold and covered in a holographic coating to allow them to look so eye-catching!

Q:  How do I assemble it?

A:  The flowers are assembled and you don't need to do anything.

Q:  More details,please?

A:  Net weight: 318 g / 0.7 lb
     Size: 22 x 11.4 cm / 8.6 x 4.5 in
     Power: 3*AAA battery.
     Material: Glass dome, Pine wooden bottom, Flannelette Rose