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giardinox Wind Spinner--Silver Angel

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  • This is the perfect gift choice for birthdays, weddings, Father's Day, Mother's Day, housewarming, Valentine's Day, Christmas, Anniversary, etc. A happy gift to grandparents, family, bestie, friends, neighbors and acquaintances.Angels bring you happiness, peace and joy
  • Wind spinner is strong reflective and show a pulsing, magical, three dimensional effect, it will even gleam at night when only a little bit of light is available.Beautiful, sturdy, reflects like a mirror. We hung this outside our bedroom window. mesmerizing.It can rotate gently in the breeze, like an angel dancing
  • Mirror reflection design makes it more charming and gorgeous than a colored wind spinner. Depending on the environment and light, it can take on different colors. Elegant and natural,This windmill is your ideal garden ornament. Just hang it anywhere you want and you canenjoy it. Stainless steel material, can adapt to all kinds of weather, whether sunny, cloudy or rainy.With strong corrosion resistance, wear resistance and rust resistance.
  • The thin and light design makes it easier to rotate with the wind, easy to unfold and twist.When used indoors, to achieve a rotating effect indoors, it can be used with a wind rotating motor, or it can be placed at the air outlet, such as a window or an air-conditioning outlet.
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Product specifications:

Style: Angel

Color: silver

Material: mirror stainless steel

Size: 14.96*11.02* 0.02inch/38*28*0.05cm

Weight: 0.37lb/166.5g

Product introduction:

1. 360-degree rotating hook: The S-shaped hook comes with a rotating ring, which can load up to 3kg and can rotate in the wind.

2. Solid and firm: The thickness of 0.05cm makes the product can be folded and unfolded repeatedly, it is not easy to be damaged, and it is strong and durable.