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Giardinox glowworm LED solar lamp



"My garden looks like a fairytale forest!"

Transform You your garden in one Fairytale forest, with our Giardinox glowworm® LED solar lamp. Experience You lucky in every View into your garden. Perfect for the Dark winter days or the mild summer evenings. Hundreds of satisfied customers have preceded them do not wait too long ❗️

Why the glowworm® is perfect for your garden

✔️Solar companies - no cables, no maintenance!
✔️ gently moves in the wind
✔️ Fach installation in 30 seconds
✔️ weather festival, waterproof design
✔️ automatic on/off from sunset to sunrise


A beautiful sight

  • Through the Move flexible cables the lamps in wind. That results in one nice sight When looking into your garden. Imagine you see in one Dark autumn day the beautiful light The glowworm® LED solar lamp in your garden.


solar power

  • On the lamp is one Solar panel with a 1200mAh battery appropriate. After a nice sunny day, the lamps are within 6 to 8 hours full charged. The lamps can then go up to Burn for 8 to 12 hours.

Easy to install

  • You do not need cables or a socket. They simply fold out the solar panel and put on the switch. And you can enjoy the beautiful light


Automatically on/off

  • The lamps switch automaticallywhen it gets light again. And when it gets dark, the lamps switch on automatically again. So are the lamps Energy -saving and environmentally friendly


  • The lamps are waterproof after IP65. The lamps are perfect for every weather. Whether it regnet or snow, You can simply leave the lamps outside.


  • Dimensions: 30inch
  • Outdoor waterproof solar: lawn solar light
  •  Power source: solar
  •  Light source: LED light bulbs
  •  Is dimmable: no
  •  Are contained in the scope of the light bulb: Yes
  •  Certification: CE
  • Body material: ABS