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Dog Electrical Butterfly Wings

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This lightweight and safe electric butterfly wings toy will ignite your dog's imagination, bringing them fun and vitality.Observe your dog mimic butterfly movements with this charming electric butterfly wings toy, providing both exercise and entertainment.

The allure of our electric butterfly wings toy lies in its unique design and sparkling effects, making your dog the center of attention.This durable and safe electric butterfly wings toy brings long-awaited happiness to your pet, allowing them to enjoy the thrill of chasing and playing.With joy and magic, our electric butterfly wings toy will take your dog on an exciting adventure, letting them showcase their playful and lovable side.

Spark your dog's curiosity with our interactive electric butterfly wings toy that will have them chasing, fluttering, and playing.Bring joy and vitality to your pet with our electric butterfly wings, allowing them to dance like butterflies.Watch as your dog happily chases under the dazzling electric butterfly wings, making your heart skip a beat too.Our creatively designed electric butterfly wings toy will provide endless entertainment for your pet while adding an adorable decoration.Let your dog interact with this shimmering electric butterfly wings toy, creating unforgettable moments of playtime.

And this wings are alse fit for girl and woman.The wings are made of very good PET material, when the switch is turned on, its wings will turn.