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Giardinox™ wind chimes
We wrap your emotion


In the season of gentle breeze, a string of wind chimes will be hung in the garden or on the window edge of every household. With the gentle breeze, in the rotation of wind chimes, the soul naturally enters a state of peace and tranquility, and the spirit is purified. Through exquisite craftsmanship and unique personalized customization, the Giardinox wind chimes bring you and your family and friends beautiful memories that can be remembered for a lifetime.

Not Just Wind Chimes
     But Much More

  About This wind chimes

    Mirror finnish reflection design makes it more charming and gorgeous than a colored wind crime. Depending on the environment and light, it can take on different colors. Elegant and natura.

    New design concepts. Its thinness and lightness make it easier to rotate because of the wind. The increased number of prongs makes the flow of light swirling on the surface more dynamic.

    Built entirely of stainless steel. You don't need to worry about it rusting. Superb laser cutting process gives it a precise arc and features of easy to unfold.

    High quality hooks built specifically for wind spinners support smooth and quiet rotation. Additional holes at the bottom allow you to hang other decorations such as wind chimes.

Giardinox™ wind chimes Story

We decided to launch Giardinox™ wind chimes as a tribute to loved ones who have passed away

Two years ago, my mother left me forever because of cancer. In the past two years, I dreamt of my mother's voice and smile more than once in my sleep, and I miss our days together. Unfortunately, I didn't cherish them well at that time, but now I can never go back to the past. I carved my mother’s name by myself and hung it under the wind chime. Whenever the breeze blew, the wind chime whispered and swayed in the wind, making a faint sound, like my mother whispering in my ear, always accompanying me and blessing me a peaceful life. If you have relatives and friends who have left you for various reasons, this product is a very good substitute that can place your thoughts.


In order to let more people experience our unique way of entrusting emotions, we work harder to think, create and provide customers with unique and exquisite wind chimes. Now we have a variety of products for personalized customization, and we try our best to develop styles that everyone likes.


If wind chimes could be a gift

Gifts for friends and relatives are of great significance. No matter what gift you give, it can be personalized, practical or even edible. However, it may be difficult to come up with an idea for a gift, especially when the interaction is limited to the screen now. It may be troublesome, but the general principle of what you should send to your friends is still the same. You only need to give some thoughtful and interesting gifts, and don't spend too much money to avoid offending anyone. In order to achieve this balance, our products are options you can consider.

Three meanings of Giardinox™ wind chimes as gifts 



One of the meanings of wind chimes as gifts is to hope that each other will be safe and healthy, free from diseases and disasters. If you want your family or friends to be safe in their lives, then you can choose to give him such a gift.



Wind chimes are usually hung in a certain place. Once the wind blows, it will ring, which will remind you of your family and friends. Actually, it is to remind you of the person who gave you the wind chimes, even if the distance is far away, the heart is attached to each other.



Many people send wind chimes on birthdays or when they have achieved achievements, in fact, they want to bless each other. Therefore, wind chimes also contain the meaning of blessing, wishing each other happiness, which is another meaning of wind chimes.

Three major values of Giardinox™ wind chimes


Entrusting the memory of the dead 

In this world, people leave every day, and everyone's departure will bring infinite grief and nostalgia to their loved ones! Today, you can't help but miss someone, and you can't help thinking of someone. Once, this person lived with you day and night; Once, this person had a heart-to-heart talk with you; Once, this person accompanied you through an unforgettable time; Once, this person gave you indelible love and warmth.


Maybe they live far away, but the hearts are always together

In today's society, we are increasingly dependent on social software, mobile phones and computers. We can chat and contact each other through photos and videos without leaving home. But although we are far apart, our hearts are always together and our love is connected.


The catalyst of love

If wind chimes are sent between lovers, then it means love and miss. Wind chimes tell "I love you". The meaning of sending wind chimes is that her heart is always moved because of you and hope you can hear her heartbeat through wind chimes in the days when you can't get together.

Excellent Product Quality

About Giardinox™ wind chimes  

The hook is hard and of suitable size, and can be hung at will. It has its own rotating ring, and it can rotate smoothly for a long time. The thickness of the stainless steel body designed by the designer is 0.5mm, which is firm, hard to deform and durable.

Easy to install

The Giardinox ™ wind chimes is very easy to install.It only needs to be fixed and then rotated to the perfect shape, and the suspension is also very easy and convenient.

Actually, we didn't support customized service at first, it was just a wind chime. But when we get more and more feedback from our customers that it is not only an ornament, but also an emotional sustenance, our thoughts have changed. We can provide our customers with better and more personalized service and high-quality after-sales service experience. Our serious attitude towards customers is devoted to every rotating wind chime. In this special period, people express their feelings with each other in a new physical way, which is the greatest value of our creation of rotating wind chimes.


Giardinox is committed to 100% customer satisfaction! If you are unsatisfied for any reason, you may return your purchase within 30 days of the ship date* - WITH ORIGINAL PACKAGING. No questions asked!

Giardinox™ WIND CHIMES

No one will refuse a beautiful and high-quality ornament, and it looks so pleasing to the eye! So will you encounter the following troubles when buying decorations? 1. Poor quality, 2. Not beautiful enough, 3. Poor customer service, then let us see if the new Giardinox™ wind chimes can meet your needs